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Desktop computer on desk with plant showcasing ThaisQ Skillshare Class
Some very nice things that have been said about my classes: 

"I can definitely say that this is the best class I have watched on skillshare. Easy to follow, clear instructions and amazing brushes. Thank you Thais"

-Ayleen Marcon


"Thais' class is sleek, clear, and well-organized. She includes some helpful tips on how to achieve that simplistic look without losing the essence of the person you're trying to capture. My favorite part though, was her drawing the lovely dog. I feel like she captured it's fuzziness and cuteness pretty well"





"Loved the class! Lot of procreate tips, very engaging and fun!"





"This class was really unique and fun! The instructor did a great job explaining what she was doing, the pacing was good, and she offered great tips on how to make it come together. I might do a portrait of both my dog and cat! " 


Private Lessons / Creative Coaching
1-on-1 Sessions - Skillshare Collaboration
Artist drawing on iPad

If you are looking for something more personal than pre-recorded group classes, or need a helping hand to guide you through the Procreate App, this is just the thing for you! I'm super excited to offer you Exclusive Procreate Support through 1-on-1 Sessions!

Classes In English
Cover image for Skillshare Adobe Photoshop Smart Objects Class

Discover an efficient workflow to work smarter in Photoshop with the magic of Smart Objects. Create realistic-looking mockups that can be updated in minutes. This class is perfect for Etsy sellers, surface designers, and graphic designers.

Green Plant Procreate illustration on Ipad for ThaisQ Skillshare Class

Get ready to embark on a creative journey where you'll learn to view the world from a fresh perspective!

In this class, you'll find inspiration through daily prompts and snap some pictures. Then, turn Procreate into a sketch book to create digital illustrations, and refine your style to achieve consistency in your artwork.

Procreate Brushes on Ipad for ThaisQ Skillshare Class

In this class, you'll learn all about Procreate's Brush Studio. I broke down the main settings into bite size, manageable lessons, so I promise you it's not as scary as may seem. And once you understand these settings, you'll be able to create any brush you like. 

Procreate Pet Portraits illustration on Ipad for ThaisQ Skillshare Class

Do you have THE cutest pet in the world and can't get enough of their huge personality? 

Let them have the attention they deserve as you draw pet's portrait in Procreate, complete with cute accessories and all to show off their unique traits and quirks.

Adobe Fresco illustration on Ipad and mug for ThaisQ Skillshare Class

In this class you’ll learn how to make unique and realistic line drawn portraits to give as gifts for your loved ones using photos as reference. Print it at home, place it in products to give or simply send it to them digitally. 

Em Português / In Portuguese
Procreate portrait illustration for ThaisQ Skillshare Class  In Brazilian Portuguese

Você já pensou em fazer seus próprios pincéis no Procreate, mas desistiu por conta das configurações?​

Ao final deste curso, você saberá como criar uma variedade de pincéis exclusivos, para compartilhar com os amigos, criar brindes para seguidores ou até mesmo vender online para uma renda extra!

Procreate Pet illustration on Ipad for ThaisQ Skillshare Class in Portuguese

Se seu pet de repente virasse gente, que tipo de pessoa ele seria? 

No curso Retratos Animais no Procreate, seu filhote vai brilhar como estrela de uma retrato personalizado com direito a roupas e acessórios que reflitam suas peculiaridades e seu jeito único de ser. 

Procreate floral tile illustration on Ipad for ThaisQ Skillshare Class In Brazilian Portuguese

Que tal aprender um dos aplicativos de desenho mais usados por artistas do mundo inteiro, de uma maneira fácil e dinâmica? ​

Neste curso, você vai aprender os principais recursos do Procreate de maneira simples: são 5 projetos diferentes, com foco em recursos essenciais do aplicativo.

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