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Make an EASY color changing brush in Procreate

Hi, there!

After finishing my latest Skillshare class called Make Your Own Procreate Brushes- The Complete Brush Studio Guide I've been kind of obsessed with making new brushes! So, here's a tutorial on how to make a color changing - rainbow brush in Procreate. This brush changes colors as you change the pressure on your stroke. So try varying your pressure from very light to hard and watch it become a rainbow :)

It only takes 3 easy steps to create this brush, although I've added 2 more, in case you want to make it even better!

So let's get started!


In the Brush Library, go to the Airbrushing Set and duplicate the Medium Hard Brush, by dragging it to the left and hitting DUPLICATE. Then, tap your copy (it will be the one with the squiggly line on the top right corner) to access the Brush Studio.

Step 2

On the right side tabs, go to Color Dynamics and scroll down to Color Pressure. Move that slider all the way to MAX.

Step 3

Go to the Apple Pencil tab and under Pressure (kudos if you also got the Queen song stuck in your head now) adjust the settings to:

Size: 0%

Opacity: None

Flow: 0%

Bleed: None

That's it! Test out you brush and watch it change colors as you vary the pressure on your stroke!


These next two steps are optional, since your brush is already changing colors- which was the goal here. But I find them a nice finishing touch, specially if you plan on doing lettering or anything requiring a steady line - here's where Procreate can give you a little hand!

Under Stabilization, go to StreamLine and move the slider in Amount all the way to MAX.

Under Taper, add a little by dragging the blue dot in Pressure Taper and then adjust the Size slider to your preference (I kept mine at 60%).

Enjoy! And if you post your work to instagram, please tag me @ByThaisQ as I'd love to see your creations!


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